24 February

Feodor Emeljanenko in the Faraon Floatel

An absolute world champion of ММА fighter Feodor Emeljanenko visisted Kiev on the invitation of League of the mixed single combats the Mix-fight М-1 Ukraine.

It was long-awaited visit for both parties. Feodor Emeljanenko, one of 100 most influential sportsmen of the world, the best fighter ММА out of weight categories came from Ukraine. Therefore it is no wonder that except participations in press-conference, Fedor went sightseeing. Despite a busy schedule of visit the champion did not interrupt the training program. Fedor Emelialenko’s visit organizers created the best conditions in the Kleopatra’s Apartment of the Faraon Floatel (where Alla Pugacheva stayed earlier). One of the rooms in the Kleopatra’s apartments is a gym with modern sport equipment.



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