We invite you to plunge into the unforgettable atmosphere of relaxation, created by an excellent Mediterranean cuisine and a first-class service of the Pharaoh restaurant!

The Pharaoh restaurant offers the selected masterpieces of Mediterranean cuisine [www.fortuna-xxi.com]. Combining the wine-making and gastronomic traditions of South, Mediterranean cuisine is one of most popular in the world and is considered to be exceptionally healthy. Richness and local color of southern lands are incarnated in the brightest culinary variety: abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, moderate amount of meat and fish and, of course, olive oil as a basic source of fats. Due to a perfect combination of very simple and natural components and unsurpassed cooking skills, the refined, delicious and very healthy meals are created. So it is not without a reason that in Mediterranean countries food has been a cult for such a long time!

Orientally luxurious and at the same time modern, the restaurant hall accommodates up to 80 people and offers all conditions for celebrations of a rulers’ class!



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